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Ensuring proper funds from construction insurance claims in Irving, TX

Insurance companies routinely underpay in order to pocket more profit. No matter how skilled you are as a contractor, working without enough funds will always lead to cut corners and potentially unsafe work. At VDP Partners LLC, we fight for the maximum payout on construction insurance claims. If your client has been underpaid, we'll get right to work setting the insurance company straight.

Damien, one of our owners and adjusters, has over two decades of experience in the construction industry. He understands how to maximize your claim in order to address all damages, including, overhead, profits, and taxes.

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Get the job done right

Get the job done right

You take pride in your quality work and craftsmanship. But without enough funds, you'll have to make serious sacrifices on the finished product. We'll work closely with you to ensure your construction claim receives the proper response. From roofing and siding repairs to water damage restorations, turn to VDP Partners for assistance with insurance.

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